The Tendencies are an Appalachian Roots Rock group, hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Blending Roots, Country, and Alt Rock with a dash of Folk, Traditional and Appalachian music with a fresh lyrical perspective. 

Original members Jeff Garrett and Eric Hollandsworth formed a musical partnership in the early 2010's, honing the songs through various band rosters, finally deciding in late 2019 to “just do it themselves”. Through 2019 and into 2020 Jeff and Eric started the recording process – primarily to commit the songs to tape. After asking multi-instrumentalist Gene Temple to provide tracks, the realization was made that the music needed to be shared in a live performance situation. Shortly there after, percussionist Rick Godley joined the Tendencies bringing the core group together. 

The Tendencies debut offering, Appalachian Gumbo – EP, is scheduled for full release in the Fall of 2021.